Product Care

Care for and maintain your Urban Bar products


  • All of our glassware is dishwasher safe but we would recommend you treat them carefully, wash them individually, by hand and do not soak them with other glasses!
  • Avoid the rims of martini glasses coming into contact with other glasses.
  • Never scoop ice with a glass or stack them, unless they have been designed for stacking.
  • When pouring hot drinks, always preheat the glass with hot water.
  • Conversely, never put cold water or ice into warm or hot glasses.


  • Whilst all our plastics are dishwasher safe and virtually unbreakable, they should not be used with boiling water.


  • Our stainless steel items are all made from the more premium of the two steel types used in the catering industry (18/8) and to ensure quality we only use Japanese Steel, as such the items need no care guidance and can take everything a normal bar can throw at them.  All our products are tested food safe.
  • Our Mule Cups, Silver, Gold, Copper and Rose Gold plated items need a bit more looking after. Hand Wash only and no abrasive scrubbing. We do not recommend metal polishes as these will slowly remove the coating and could leave a residue affecting the taste of the drinks. Following these guidelines should ensure years of service!

To answer all your queries about glassware, barware and branded glasses contact us today on 1-800-460-9051 – USA/Canada Toll Free

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