Strathspey Tumbler 11oz


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Classic tulip shaped Urban Bar Spey glass mounted on a short stem.

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Stemmed Strathspey Tumbler Glass

The Strathspey Tumbler Glass is for enjoying all aspects of whisky. The classic copa glass shape is familiar to distillers and whisky lovers alike. This glass has a rounded bowl to swirl your whisky, releasing new aromas and flavours. A narrowed rim helps direct these aromas upwards for perfect nosing.

Mounted on a short stem, you have the option of holding the glass by the base. As a result you can get a better view of the colour of the contents. The large bowl gives plenty of room for the addition of water or ice to suit your tastes.

This glass is a great all-rounder for tasting, nosing, and savouring.

Product Features:

  • Whisky savouring glass on a short stem
  • Fluted tulip shape
  • Small stem to hold the glass by the base for greater colour inspection
  • Ideal for enjoying whiskies
  • Machine made glass
  • Dishwasher safe – see our Product Care Guide for more information

Additional information

Weight 0.329 lbs
Dimensions 3.149 × 3.149 × 5.039 in

Urban Bar




Machine Made, No Seam, Soda-lime

Dishwasher Safe






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