Premium quality products by Urban Bar

Our glass items are both hand and machine made. The majority of our glassware is manufactured in Europe. We endeavor to supply products that are the best the technology can produce.
All glasses eventually fog after repeated dishwashing, for our care recommendations:

Caring for your glassware

Unlike some other suppliers we do not apply any lacquers or coatings to our glasses as these are never dishwasher proof and come off.

All of our steel products are made from Japanese or Korean (not Chinese) premium 304 (18/8), this is better than the majority of catering items and is the “domestic” cutlery standard.

All our products are tested for food safety to both EC and FDA standards.

We apply gold, silver, rose gold and copper plating to some of our steel items. These plated items are HAND WASH only. As with any plated item the plating will eventually wear away with use.

If you have any questions or issues then please get in touch with us.

To answer all your queries about glassware, barware and branded glasses contact us today on +44 (0) 1763 244473 – UK Head Office